Have a “decisive victory” this fall with military styles and all shades green.

“Camo prints and edgy army attitude came in all forms including posh fur coats, dramatic skirts, belted jackets and a strong presence of army green everywhere.”  Eonline.com Green in all shades from emerald to army green.

“Think gold and brass-buttons, epaulettes to insignias, heavy boots, military overalls and cargo pants, caps, cropped jackets or full-length, double-breasted coats.  Fitted jackets, emphasized shoulders, bodices and neat, stand-up collars give a romantic feel to the trend.”  http://missrichfashion.blogspot.com


Folk Inspired Fashion for Fall 2013

According to Glamour Magazine.  The New York Designers are focusing on comfortable fabrics and classic patterns.  Traditional hand-worked motifs with an urban twist on the design.


Any of Soulknits Tribal or Vintage jewelry would add to the Folk look that you want for Fall.

Vintage Style Crochet Flower Necklaces.

Vintage Style Crochet Flower Necklaces.


Fall 2013 Fashion Trend – Beanies!

Knit Beanies

“The beanie is one of those runway trends that can’t not catch on—it’s practical and affordable, not to mention pretty darn cute. One tip: Wear it on your way to the office or a cocktail party instead of just on the weekends. The contrast is part of what makes it look so chic.”  Glamour.com

Beautifully Crochet Kufi caps with a crochet border on the edge. One size fits all. 50% cotton 50% silk thread /yarn.

Beautifully Crochet Kufi caps with a crochet border on the edge. One size fits all.
50% cotton 50% silk thread /yarn.


Fall Fashion Trends for 2013


Pantone is the authority for color.  Here are the colors that are hot for Fall 2013.


Winter White

““More is more” might be the color motto for the street-style set, but on the runway this season, head-to-toe winter white made one of the strongest impressions.”  Glamour.com


Shades of Green

“Green is officially a thing for fall 2013. From emerald to army, there’s a shade for every skin tone, hair color, and personal style.”  Glamour.com





Glass Bead Jewelry

Did you know that glass beads have been around for over 5,000 years?  Glass beads were considered valuable and used in burial tombs in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. When Marco Polo returned to Italy from Asia he brought back glass beads of Asia.  Glass beads were not only made for jewelry but were used for trading as well.  The Island of Manhatten was traded for glass beads.  By the 18th century, the weekly output of the Venetian factories was more than twenty tons of finished beads.  During the 19th century, Northern Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic) became a strong rival to Venice. Bohemia lead the world in glass bead production, especially in the “Art Deco” design. From this region came the most famous design firm called Swarovski.  The 20th century brought Japan into the market taking away from Venice and the Czech Republic.  Today China is a major player in the industry.

With the designs of our unique glass bead jewelry you won’t have to travel the world.  All our jewelry is hand made by women in poor regions of the world so they can provide for their families and give them valuable job skills.

Beautiful handmade bracelets with glass beads and natural stones.

Beautiful handmade bracelets with glass beads and natural stones.


Oversize rings with glass beads and natural stones. Designed to represent the 40's trend of oversized jewelry.

Oversize rings with glass beads and natural stones. Designed to represent the 40’s trend of oversized jewelry.



Beautiful Silk Scarves

Do you know the history of Silk?

According to Chinese tradition, an Empress named Lei-Tzu was drinking tea when a cocoon from a mulberry tree fell into her tea.She watched as it unraveled. When she picked it up, she found it to be a very fine fabric.  The Empress developed Sericulture which is the science of silk production. She learned how to farm silkworms, to spool the fibers, to check it for strength and dependability, and to weave it into clothing. For over 3000 years, Sericulture went on to be a secret that only the Chinese knew.  The Empress was known as the “Silk Goddess” or her most famous name was “Si-Ling Chi” which means “Lady of the Silk Worm”.

Silk Worm and a Cocoon.

Silk Worm and a Cocoon.

Soulknits has a beautiful collection of Silk Scarves in a choice of colors.  These scarves are embroidered with a floral pattern and crochet trim on the edge.  The beauty of silk is that it cools and warms simultaneously.  Silk is naturally wrinkle-resistant, glossy, hypoallergenic, and easy to care for.  Always store silk in a dry dark place. This fabric is very sensitive to light and will develop discolored and faded areas if left unprotected. Do not store in plastic because the fabric needs to breathe.

Beautiful silk scarves with crochet edges. Can be worn any time of the year and perfect for any occasion.

Beautiful silk scarves with crochet edges. Can be worn any time of the year and perfect for any occasion.


Silk Crochet Headbands

We have redesigned our Silk Crochet Headbands to come in 3 different sizes.  Small, Medium and Large.  No more buttons!  These light weight headbands are perfect for fall.

Did you know that Silk has health benefits?  “The oils won’t increase as much in your hair, when you wear silk. People are very rarely allergic to silk,” says Neal B. Schultz, MD, a New York City dermatologist. This is because silk is free of any potentially irritating added chemicals and contains natural substances that ward off various environmental allergens (and resulting skin conditions), including dust mites, mold, and fungus, he explains.  http://www.everydayhealth.com/skin-and-beauty-pictures/surprising-benefits-of-silk.aspx#/slide-9

Keys colors for fall are “Shades of Gray” and Black.

Knit Headbands Ice Silk

Knit Headbands Ice Silk


More Examples of the Boho Look

The Bohemian style started in the 1800’s.  Bohemian is French for gypsy.  The film Moulin Rouge! (2001) also reflects the Bohemian lifestyle.  The jewelry styles incorporate mixed gemstones, cotton, ceramic, metal elements and glass together.  For 2013 it also includes the Victorian Look as well.

Turquoise Jewelry Tribal Earrings

Turquoise Jewelry Tribal Earrings

Brown Stone Necklaces

Brown Stone Necklaces


Jewelry Trends for Summer 2013

One of the looks for this summer is the Bohemian Look or Boho.  The Boho look features fabrics and textures that don’t necessarily have to match.  Earth tones, vintage and a relaxed style.  With clothing the fabrics can be layered.  It is also knowns as the “hippie”  or the “Flower Children” look from the 1960’s and early 1970’s.  An example of celebrities that can be seen in the Boho look is Mary Kate and Ashley and Sienna Miller. Soulknits tourquoise pieces are perfect to accessorize your Boho look.red necklaceblue necklacewhite flower