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About Us


Dear Friends,


  Soul Knits is more than just a name or title. It represents a place of solace for a hurt soul. My name is Shyamali Perera. I was born in Sri Lanka, a little island tucked away in the Indian Ocean.As the only girl and the eldest of three children, I had to grow up fast. With all the responsibilities on my shoulders, I hardly had any time to escape my responsibilities and be a child; but when I did have a moment, I would pick up my knitting needles and let my troubles escape me.

Of course, I did not learn to knit on my own; my great grandmother (archchi) taught me this wonderful skill when I was young, to keep me out of trouble. As a teenager, I would knit to escape my worries and stresses in life, but as life picked up and I became a wife and mother of three, I forgot the peace that knitting brought me.


After enduring a difficult marriage and divorce, I felt that I no longer knew who I am. I was merely a divorcee with grown children and grandchildren. I would sometimes sit and wonder what my purpose in life is. While struggling to come to terms with my new life and diminishing role as a mother, I started thinking about my archchi and how she had helped me escape my problems when I was a child; I even wished that she could have been there to help me again. At that moment, it hit me; my archchi was there with me all along. After all, she taught me something that never left me; she taught me how to knit! Suddenly, I had a desire to knit, but I did not have any needles, so I gathered some scrap ribbon and two chopsticks and began knitting. By the end of the night, I had knitted a beautiful ribbon scarf!

Five years have passed since that day. My life has undergone many changes. Throughout these life-altering changes, I continued to knit. I knew that while I knitted, I could face life's challenges with a sense of calmness. Today, I am designing and producing knitted products with the hope that they will bring all of you the same sense of peace and calmness that knitting brought me.


Thank you for visiting Soul Knits. I hope my story inspires all of you to look at knitting differently and helps you to understand what Soul Knits is all about.





Shyamali G. Perera




I have chosen to sell 90% hand knitted products combined with a creative variation of different materials, which are recycled and are 100% environment friendly. 25% of the net sales of these products are donated to shelters for ALTERNATIVES TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, in my community.